Why are there Birthday Candles on the Cake?

Jul. 16, 2021

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate another year of life by putting birthday candles on a cake and lighting them? This tradition has a long history and is largely related to the worship of gods.


The Origin of Birthday Candles


It is a legend that originated in ancient Greece. At that time, people believed in the moon goddess Artemis, and during her birthday celebration, people would place honey cakes on the altar and light candles. The light of the candle represents the brightness of the moon and creates a sacred atmosphere. At the same time, some ancient cultures believed that the smoke from candles would bring prayers before the gods.


Birthday Candles Now


The custom gradually spread to the birthday candles.Then a new activity was added: blowing out the candles. It is believed that if the birthday child makes a wish in the heart, and then blows out all the candles in one breath, then the child's good wishes will be able to come true.



First Appearance of Birthday Candles


The first well-documented case of candles being placed on a birthday cake comes from Germany in 1746. A man named Count Ludwig von Zinzendorf held a lavish birthday celebration at his home which included a large cake with candles stuck into it, and the number of candles corresponded to his age. From there, birthday cakes and candles seem to have spread throughout Germany and then through Europe.   


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