How Should I Insert the Candles on My Birthday Cake?

Jun. 30, 2021

Birthdays are very common in everyday life. It can be said that a birthday is a kind of embellishment to life, an event with a sense of ritual. In such a ritualistic scene, if there are no candles on the birthday cake, it is a birthday cake without a soul. After so many years of birthdays, how are the birthday candles on the cake inserted? How many should be inserted, why should be inserted, do you really know?

First, a standard set of Birthday Cake Candles are divided into 4 colors, 3 of each color, a total of 12 birthday candles. Depending on the color of the candles, ranging from 1 to 2, 2, 10, and 20 years old. Why is this set up? Because these 12 candles can be composed of any number up to 99. For example, for 39 years old, 3 candles represent 1 year old, 3 candles represent 2 years old, 1 candle represents 10 years old, and 1 candle represents 20 years old The composition of these candles, when placed on a birthday cake, is 39 years old.

Digital Birthday Cake

Digital Birthday Cake

However, in such a fast-paced and concise life, the candles of a Digital Birthday Cake are more in line with our current pace of life, and inserting the candles of the appropriate age has been very convenient over the years.

The birthday cake was introduced to China from the West during the Republic of China. The birthday cake was born on the day of the birthday. This is a legend from ancient Greece. When the ancient Greeks celebrated their children, they would put a lot of cake desserts on them. Decorated with many small lit candles, it may not be accurate to say that it was decorative. In fact, it could be described as a ritual. The ancient Greeks believed that these lit candles had mystical powers and that if the child made a wish and blew out these mystical candles, the child's good wishes would come true. Of course, this is a purely Western culture, which may be slightly different from our own. Isn't it a very upscale gesture?

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